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LEGO® City My City 2 build, chase, cars and fun – Action & Adventure – Kids Games HD

LEGO® City My City 2 is a free game with no in-app purchases and no in-app advertisements. Experience the different LEGO® City characters and become a LEGO® City policeman, a LEGO® City firefighter, a LEGO® City scientist or even a dragster pilot.


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Complete heroic challenges to win new LEGO® vehicle components and LEGO® bricks, and watch your city grow as you level up. In this game you can: • Keep the crooks behind the bars as a LEGO® City policeman • Put out the fire as a LEGO® City firefighter • Head out with the crew of LEGO® City explorers to investigate the active volcano • Do stunts as a pilot with your favorite LEGO® City airplanes • Race the LEGO® City dragster to victory. LEGO® City My City 2 is a creative game where boys and girls can play with LEGO® City products in a fun and free experience. Your LEGO® City needs you! Features • Create and modify your own vehicles to suit your imagination, and then put them to the test in LEGO® City! • Build your own city by completing heroic missions. • Play with classic LEGO® City vehicles. • Level up to win new vehicle components and LEGO® bricks LEGO® City My City 2 is free to play and offers no in-app purchases.

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